Battleship Queen Victoria

The story behind the name of Victoria Fort

The Battleship (class - Sweden ships) was launched in 1917 at Götaverken. The ship was named Queen Victoria and was baptized of Her Majesty in person. Queen Victoria was Queen of Sweden during the period 1907-1930 and married to King Gustav V 1907-1950. The Battleship served in Swedish waters between 1921 and 1957, when it was disposed of.

A strengthening of the defense of the crossings over Lule river, had since a long time back been the wish of military organization in the North. The plans for continued deployment of fortress was complete. In this situation, Navy came and offered its guns for free to the Army which hade a positive effected on the decision to build the fort after the Lule river. Today its only this fort that remains and is open to visitors. The other fortress what was build during1960's is now gone.

Originally they had intended to use 28 cm guns, but realized they would be too large and heavy, so they decided to use smaller arms with a caliber of 15.2 cm. In Bomyrberget was a double-barreled 15.2 cm gun installed, which come from Queen Victoria and with it followed Victoria's Shield of Arms. The pieces were modified and adapted to the Army's needs and shooting methods. The model designation was m/12-60 single or double.