A unique and very well preserved fort from the days of the "Cold War"

1950s were characterized by Cold War spirit. There was an ongoing arms race between East and West that was related to nuclear weapons, space and influence in various parts of the world.

We were shaped by a time when Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley and television made its intrusion. Korean War and the Hungarian Revolution was going on, Sputnik was launched, Castro took over Cuba, the Swedish plane Catalina was shot down and the Swedish spy Enbom created black headlines. With this threat as background the Victoria Fort was planned.

The name of the fort comes from the battleship Queen Victoria who defended Swedish waters from 1921 to mid 1950's.
The double-barreled cannon (15.2 cm) which the fort is armed with, comes from the battleship. The Cannon has served as a guard over the Lule River valley from 1963 until 1997. The fort is now a museum, the contemporary environment is intact in all respects and you are welcome on a trip in the trails of the Cold War.

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